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New product Precision CNC Machined Super Slim Head 2mm Hex Socket Head Material: Titanium Ti-6Al-4V Size: M3x5, M3x6, M3x8, M3x10mm, M3x12mm

Tamiya TT02 SRX Carbon Fiber Products

-Carbon Front Rear Damper Stay Set SSBB -Carbon Front Rear Damper Stay Set -Carbon Down Stop Droop Plate -Carbon Main Shaft Bearing Holder (Front & Rear) -Carbon Upper arm mount (4pcs) -Carbon Short Battery Holder Set -Carbon Battery Plate -Carbon Bumper Plate


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We would like to introduce our Universal CVD Joint Lubricant Oil. -Extend the life of the CVD joint and the additives will sustain the shock loads encountered in the CVD joint

CVD joint. -Added with natural minerals. It can resist high temperature up to 300℃ and is stable without deterioration. It can enhance the lubricating effect, reduce the wear of machine parts and form a protective film. -Easy maintenance with just one drop